Golf Fitness

Working with your biomechanics to improve your game and prevent injury

From setup to follow-through, the golf swing is a complex sequence of coordinated movements that require both freedom of motion and stability. But a golfer’s own physical limitations can get in the way and possibly lead to injury.
At MedSport’s Golf Fitness Program, we have successfully worked with hundreds of professional, collegiate, high school, and weekend golfers to improve their game, help them recover from an injury, and prevent further injury.

Our program consists of golf-specific evaluations performed by Titleist Performance Institute™ Certified Medical Professionals who will identify your physical qualities and limitations. Based on the results of our evaluation, we will customize one of our golf programs to address your needs:

Golf Injury Evaluation

If pain or injury is keeping you from playing golf at your best, the medical professionals at MedSport can help you get back in form and on the course. Our staff is certified through the Titleist Performance Institute™, to ensure that your treatment is in compliance with the highest standards.

First visit (60 minutes)

  • Evaluation of injury
  • Swing evaluation
  • Individualized home exercise program

Second visit (30 minutes)

  • Reevaluation of injury
  • Review and progression of home exercise program

Titleist Performance Institute Golf Screening

Our Titleist Performance Institute Medical Professionals will work with you and your golf coach to develop the most efficient swing pattern for your individual needs. This is done by combining our knowledge of anatomy and muscle performance with your golf pro’s in-depth knowledge of your golf swing.

First visit (60 minutes)

  • Titleist Performance Institute Movement Screen
  • Swing evaluation

Second visit (30 minutes)

  • Review of movement screen findings
  • Review of video swing analysis
  • Instruction in individualized home exercise program

Additional appointments may be scheduled with your TPI Medical Professional if desired.

MedSport Golf Fitness Staff

Our staff includes two sports medicine specialists that are Titleist Level 2 Medical Professionals.
Call us to make an appointment at 877-877-9333 or 734-930-7400.

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