Tactical Athlete Sports Medicine

Tactical Athlete Sports Medicine: Caring for those who care for us

Law enforcement, firefighters, EMS, and military personnel, these public safety tactical professionals use their bodies in unique ways similar to elite level athletes and sustain similar injuries. With this fact, sports medicine professionals are the perfect provider for this tactical athlete population. While they are watching over us, who is watching over them? Our Tactical Athlete Sports Medicine Program does just that! We have the ability to decrease injury rates, decrease time off duty, and decrease department medical costs by providing a number of services.

MedSport’s special program can provide the following:

  • On-site Athletic Training Services: Similar to a high school or collegiate athletic training facility, we come to you and are on-site for injury evaluations, treatments, and rehabilitation. Identifying and treating those aches and pains before they turn into a limiting injury is the main goal!
  • Tactical Movement Assessments: Our comprehensive movement assessment looks at head to toe movement patterns with the goal of identifying dysfunctional tissues and joints within the body. We take this information and provide recommendations to department heads on how they can improve these deficits as a whole, and how the individual can improve with specifically tailored corrective exercises.
  • Group Stretching and Mobility Sessions: You provide the space, we provide the benefit! We come to you with one or multiple of our skilled providers and guide you and your staff through stretching and mobility exercises that improve flexibility, reduce risk of injury, and improve overall health and wellness.
  • Sports Medicine Coverage for Training Events: Similar to athletic trainers and/or other providers covering sporting events at a high school or university, we can provide on-site acute care of musculoskeletal injuries for department wide trainings. Having the ability to receive an immediate assessment and treatment of an injury will decrease the severity of that injury and increase the odds of staying on duty!
  • Tactical Athlete Strength & Conditioning: We have the ability to provide recommendations and skilled guidance of department health and wellness programs to improve strength and cardiovascular fitness – which is the first line of defense when preventing injury!
  • Educational Seminars/Programs: Want to know more about common public safety injuries? Why they happen? How they happen? When they happen? Our team of knowledgeable providers can offer presentations on specific injuries, hands-on workshops for at home care and self-treatment, and insight into the latest and greatest injury prevention strategies.

To learn more information about what our Tactical Athlete Sports Medicine Program can offer, please contact Trevor O’Brien, Certified Athletic Trainer, at tobrie@med.umich.edu, or call us at the numbers below.

MedSport at the Ann Arbor Ice Cube: (734) 998-8600
MedSport at Domino’s Farms: (734) 930-7400

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